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Sammy to marry a sugar mummy

Sammy of the Mighty family comic couple has opened up about getting hitched to USA based sugar mummy.

He opened up after the photographs of the wedding function with the woman coursed via web-based media

As per Sammy, age is simply number what is important most is the adoration among him and the woman.

He said he couldn’t care less about the words like saying he is hitched after all America isn’t care for Africa. Ladies wed men they love.

“Those idiom I am hitched to an elderly person, age is simply number what is important most is the adoration we have for one another. What’s more, Ugandans should realize America isn’t care for Africa, here ladies wed men and it’s alright.” Sammy said.

It is said that Sammy’s recently married spouse is 13years more established than him.

Rumors from far and wide suggest that he got hitched not due to adore but since he needs American citizenship through marriage.

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