Minister Aceng warns of resurgence of COVID-19 cases

The minister of health has warned that the country is experiencing an increase in the number of daily COVID-19 cases compared to the stable trends it observed since January.

The increase is similar to the rise the country faced in June 2021 when the Delta variant was prevalent, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the minister of health, said in a tweet late on Sunday.

“As a country, we are well prepared to respond and save lives than before. We have no indication for travel restrictions, or lockdown in the current circumstances,” she said. “We will optimize the existing control and mitigation tools at personal and community levels.”

The minister said the measures being taken to address the resurgence include vaccination for all, requiring mask wearing at all times especially by the vulnerable population, and hand washing.

Uganda experienced the second wave of the pandemic in June last year, which left several people dead and hundreds hospitalized

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