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Character Assassinating King Saha- Kato Lubwama

Politician Kato Lubwama has asked musicians to stop addressing King Saha as a drug addict.  Speaking to journalists, Lubwama shared that Saha is so much more than the drugs he smokes.

“Stop putting King Saha on the wall because he smokes weed. You also use things we don’t know. Some of you are even hookers but attack King Saha because he smokes. We know what is going on but don’t talk about it so stop character assassinating somebody you will need soon,” he said.

About UMA’s on and off elections, Kato Lubwama believes that it is because musicians let non-musicians get involved in their issues. “It was also unwise of musicians to publicize their elections. The election is for gazetted musicians, registered members so I don’t expect non-members to get involved,” he argued

He however emphasized that not every musician can lead. “Musicians should also understand that not everyone is a leader. Some talented artistes cannot even control themselves. Some cannot be administrators while there are those God blessed with not just a singing talent but also leadership skills,” he said.

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