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Taliban advance spurs disbelief, and anger, among Afghans

People are in disbelief about what happened on Thursday. Five more provincial capitals – among them major cities – have fallen to the Taliban.

In Kabul, thousands of people have been arriving, but this is a number that changes by the hour.

They left their homes with very few belongings. These are people, who had homes and jobs, and shops and farms. They just had to leave everything behind and run to safety.

Some of them have taken days to reach Kabul, and these are dangerous journeys – past Taliban checkpoints and active front lines.

This is the last place many of them believe they can go. They say: from here, where else do we run?

They are angry at the government about being left to fend for themselves.

The government says it is going to house them in mosques and provide them with humanitarian relief – but there is not enough for everyone who is coming in.

There’s anger too that the US and UK are evacuating their own citizens and leaving Afghans to their fate.

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