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Martyrs Day: Organisers issue guidelines for walking pilgrims

The Catholic Church has issued guidelines to all pilgrims travelling to Namugongo for the Martyrs Day celebrations due on June 3.

The chief organisers, Fort Portal Diocese, which was selected by the Uganda Episcopal Conference to lead the  celebrations,  issued the guidelines.

Fr Charles Oyo, the chairperson of Fort Portal Diocese’s steering committee, told the Monitor yesterday that the guidelines will ensure better organisation and management of emergencies.

Anyone above 16 years old [can walk],” states one of the instructions in a May 13 statement.

However, those above 16 must be in good health, and should carry some personal effects, including sanitary utilities, soap, toothpaste, and money for food, water and other emergency needs. “Pilgrims will take care of themselves before, during, and after the pilgrimage,” the directive on self-care states.

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