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Inside Russian Foreign Minister’s visit

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Affairs minister, wrapped up a four country Africa tour and Uganda was always going to be a key stopover for the long serving Lavrov. It was the first time someone at the level of Foreign Affairs minister was visiting Uganda in the sixty years of Uganda-Russia relations.

Uganda warmed itself in the heart of Russian President Vladimir Putin when it abstained in a UN vote to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. President Yoweri Museveni while hosting Lavrov at State House Entebbe on July 26 underscored Uganda’s strong ties to Russia amid the escalating tension between the superpower and the West.

“We want to trade with Russia. We want to trade with all countries of the world. We don’t believe in being enemies of somebody’s enemy, no. We want to make our own enemies not fight other people’s enemies,” Museveni said. “It is not my job to be pro-West or pro-East. I deal with people according to my interests,” he added.

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