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CCTV: Police publishes list of 143 traffic offenders

Due to the increasing rate of road accidents, Uganda Police has started a name and shame campaign, one of several strategies to bring back sanity on the roads.

Assistant Superintendent of Police-ASP Faridah Nampiima, who is the traffic police spokesperson, on Monday released a list of number plates of 143 cars whose drivers had broken traffic rules and are now expected to pay Express penalty scheme (EPS) penalties after being charged.

“Using our cameras, 143 violated traffic laws and regulations in various locations and they have been charged accordingly. You are advised to report to the nearest police station and pick up your EPS tickets for the various offences,” she said in a statement.

At an average of sh100,000 per car, the ‘name and shame’ operation could plough in about sh14million.

Nampiima said traffic police shall continue using the cameras to take action on traffic violators.

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