EACOP is not a good deal for Ugandans

Since the European parliament passed a resolution to deter EACOP, a lot has been said by the government, politicians, activists, and the general public.

Gov’t officials have resurrected the struggle for Africa’s independence sentiments, slogans and all sorts of words that can turn Africans against Europe.Almost everyone connected to the first family has joined the chorus to defend EACOP.

Government officials who are vehemently against the resolution are already beneficiaries of EACOP and fear losing their businesses.

On the other hand politicians from other parties have exposed themselves that they have not followed EACOP which explains their uncoordinated views on the resolution.

The media has also not done justice to the public, instead of hosting p’ple who have been following this project for at least 10 years, they are inviting Rwomushana and his likes to discuss serious issues!
Some of us who support the resolution have been accused of being foreign agents.

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