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OPINION: Why are roads in Greater Nebbi not national priority?

The people of Greater Nebbi (Nebbi, Pakwach and Zombo districts) are very frustrated over the extremely poor state of roads in the sub-region of West Nile.

Matters have been worsened by more than normal rains that are wreaking havoc and have literally washed off the roads, adversely impacting travel and haulage of goods.

Images of vehicles stuck in mud, overturned, broken down and so forth are all too common.

For once, majority, if not all people of Greater Nebbi, are speaking with one voice: we want the roads tarmacked. The people feel not only frustrated but feel that their long-time support of the governing party is not being rewarded.

Until in recent years, Greater Nebbi was one of the few strongholds of the National Resistance Movement government in northern Uganda, for which they received lots of barbs from then opposition strongholds.

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